Ice Cream Consumption Preferences in Sullana, Peru

Luz Arelis Moreno-Quispe1*, Luis Alfredo Espinoza-Espinoza2, Enrique Alonso Mauricio-Sandoval2, Mirtha Susana Anaya Palacios2, Edwin Jorge Vega Portalatino3

1Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism. Universidad Nacional de Frontera, Sullana, Perú.

2Laboratory Functional Food and Bioprocessing, Department of Food Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Frontera, Sullana, Perú

3Food Biotechnology and Biodiversity Research Institute, Universidad Nacional de Frontera, Sullana, Piura, Perú.

Corresponding Author E-mail: lmoreno@unf.Edu.Pe

DOI : https://dx.Doi.Org/10.12944/CRNFSJ.Eleven.1.20

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Received: 05 Jan 2023

Accepted: 21 Mar 2023

Published Online: 05 Apr 2023

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Ice cream is one of the maximum ate up cakes worldwide and due to the high manufacturing of culmination together with camu camu, mango, and grapes in northern Peru, it is supposed to introduce artisanal ice cream with those fruits inside the marketplace. This have a look at turned into exploratory, descriptive and pass-sectional. A questionnaire changed into implemented to the population of Sullana, Peru. This document suggests a relationship among clients and non-consumers of ice cream in line with gender (p=0.473), age (p=0.816), career (p=0.551) and willingness to pay (p=0.007). The consequences display that non-purchasers purchase ice cream for others. Consumers choose handmade ice cream and served in a cup, in addition they decide on cookies, toffee, chocolate and culmination as toppings on ice cream. Most of the individuals devour ice cream in all seasons of the 12 months, on weekends and pay between 2.Five and 5 soles for the ice cream they purchase. 36.Eight% prefer to devour ice cream in commercial establishments and ninety five.Eight% of the population would love the eating place in their preference to offer artisan ice cream. These effects offer ice cream manufacturers and nearby groups with new insights into purchaser possibilities. In end, the intake of local merchandise together with mango, camu camu, grape and avocado are important from a nutritional point of view to take advantage in their bioactive compounds, and from the producer’s factor of view can improve sales and product diversification via ice cream.

Business control; Consumer conduct; Customer profile Dairy merchandise; Fruit ice cream; New dairy products

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Quispe L. A. M, Espinoza L. A. E, Palacios M. S. A, Portalatino E. J. V. Ice Cream Consumption Preferences in Sullana, Peru. Curr Res Nutr Food Sci 2023; eleven(1). Doi : http://dx.Doi.Org/10.12944/CRNFSJ.Eleven.1.20

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Quispe L. A. M, Espinoza L. A. E, Palacios M. S. A, Portalatino E. J. V. Ice Cream Consumption Preferences in Sullana, Peru. Curr Res Nutr Food Sci 2023; eleven(1). Available from: https://bit.Ly/3GinvQ2


Ice cream is a frozen food product made from the integration and processing of milk, sweeteners, flavorings, stabilizers, shades and emulsifiers that contain air at the time of churning and have excessive strength values. Ice cream is one of the maximum ate up desserts international, achieving a international fee of sixty five.Eight billion bucks in 2020, with a extraordinary dominance of the worldwide market through the Asia-Pacific place. The ice cream marketplace is anticipated to keep growing moderately in 5 years 1.

By 2026, the ice cream marketplace may be worth 83.7 billion dollars, considering the impact resulting from the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)2. Likewise, the causes that explain this growth are the advent of latest flavors, the demand for prepared meals, satisfactory, innovation, low fats content and the boom in capital of artisanal ice cream parlors 1.

According to preceding studies3–five, a international market segmentation has been set up considering the taste (vanilla flavor ice cream is the most fed on), the category (the maximum promoted ice cream is the maximum fed on), the product (ice cream in a glass is the most consumed), the distribution channel (supermarkets and hypermarkets are places in which ice cream is the maximum).

The primary international locations that lead the ranking per capita consumption of ice cream global are New Zealand 28.4 l; United States 20.Eight l; Australia 18 l; Finland 14.2 l; Sweden 12.0 l; Canada 10.6 l and Denmark nine.Eight l 6,7

In Latin America, in line with the report8, the principle markets with the aid of volume of ice cream intake (hundreds of thousands of liters) are observed in Brazil with 532 l Mexico with 285 l, Chile with 156 l, Colombia with a hundred and one l and Argentina with seventy four l. However, Chile leads Latin America in per capita intake of ice cream with eight.6 l, followed with the aid of Puerto Rico with 7.Nine l, Costa Rica with three.Eight l, Uruguay with 2.9 l, Brazil with 2.7 l and Mexico with 2.Three l. The ice cream market will reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of two% for the duration of the periods 2020-2025 despite the worldwide fitness disaster eight,9.






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